Visual Concept of our research

Wavelength Tunable Semiconductor Laser Systems

Wavelength-mulutiplexing transmission system utilizes light signals of differnt wavelength in a fiber, and wavelength tunable semiconductor lasers are required as light sources. Integration of semiconductor laser and high speed electric circuit is an important theme of our laboratory to develop wavelength tunable semiconductor laser systems. Our target is a control system which makes wavelengh switching within 1 micro-second possible.

Ultra High-speed Optical Switching Systems

In the present communication networks, large scale electronic router is a key device to switch data path. For higher speed and lower power dissipation, introduction of optical router is expected. We are discussing the possibility of optical routing device, and high-speed optical switch integrated with high-speed electronic controller.

THz Wave Generation Systems

Transmission capacity of wireless communication system increases in proportion to frequency of carrier wave, and communication systems which utilize higu frequency carrier wave higher than 100GHz(0.1THz). We are investigating THz wave generating system using UCT-PD(Uni-traveling Carrier Photodiode).